Preconference Workshop 1
Anatomical Characterization of Ectomycorrhizae

Room 200 Genetics and Plant Biology Building
8:30am (above Pat Brown's Grill)

Instructors: Reinhard Agerer and Walter R. Müeller
Cost: $200 regular/ $100 student. Cost includes all supplies, material and instruction, but not food or lodging for the period
Dates: August 1-August 3 (arrival by July 31 required)
Description: The workshop will introduce useful techniques and terminology necessary for anatomical studies of ectomycorrhizae. Structures shown and discussed will likely include: plane views of mantles, adherent mycelial structures, rhizomorphs, emanating hyphae and cystidia. Cleaning of field material, dissection techniques, chemical tests and color photography will also be taught or demonstrated. Fresh material will be available from local sources, but USA participants are encouraged to bring their soil cores as described in Methods in Microbiology 23: 25-73. Soil samples and live material, however, cannot be brought in through US customs without special permits; if you are arriving on an International flight you will either need to make arrangements for such material well in advance or use the local material provided. Participants will be able to take color slides of their own material. All the material can be put in fixatives and taken home as vouchers for further detailed studies, but participants should bring appropriate containers for return transport of slides and preserved material.

Participation is limited to 18 people.

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Last updated: Tuesday March 19 1996