Preconference Workshop 3
Hypogeous Fungi of the Sierra Nevada

Meet at 2424 Channing Way at 8:30 AM on July 31

Instructors: Dr. Dan Luoma and Dr. Efrén Cázares
Dates: July 31-August 3 (arrival on July 30 in Berkeley, or July 31, AM in Fresno CA required); Return to Berkeley on August 3rd.
Location: Sierra National Forest
Cost: $250 (we provide transport); or $200 (you drive your own vehicle). Cost includes 3 nights and nine meals at Huntington Lake (beginning with dinner on July 31). Cost varies dependent on whether or not you drive yourself to Huntington Lake and use your private vehicle on the Foray (many of the roads are not paved). Note that you may need additional food and lodging in Berkeley for the night of the July 30. We suggest Summer Visitor Housing, which is handled directly though the campus conference services.

Description: This is a three day foray for elusive below-ground sporocarps in the beautiful southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. We will explore forests in the upper montane vegetation zones; generally in the 2000-3000 m elevation range. Abies magnifica, Abies concolor, Pinus jeffreyi, Pinus lambertiana, Pinus monticola, Pinus contorta, Calocedrus decurrens and Sequoiadendron giganteum are found in the area. Participants will stay in cabins of the Lakeshore resort on Huntington Lake, go on daily collection trips and dry and label collections in the evenings. The species list developed will contribute to an ongoing study in the region. Informal discussions will include: Collecting techniques; determination of research goals and objectives; experimental design and study layout; field techniques and study plot installation; data management and quality control.

Things you should bring: Clothing appropriate for hot days and cold mornings in the woods. Comfortable and rugged hiking shoes. Collecting equipment will be provided, but additional personal collecting equipment would be welcome, especially a small cloth bag to carry collections and a felt tip pen.

Maximum number of participants: 30
For additional information contact: Dr. Dan Luoma
Department of Forest Science
Oregon State University
Peavy Hall 154
Corvallis OR 97331-7501

Last updated: Tuesday July 30 1996