Mitochondrial DNAs of Suillus: Three fold size change in molecules that share a common gene order.

Bruns, T D; Palmer, J D; Shumard, D S; Grossman, L I; Hudspeth, M
Department of Botany, University of California Berkeley 94720.
Current Genetics. 1988 13(1):49-56.

We constructed restriction-site and gene maps for mitochondrial DNAs from seven isolates of five species of Suillus (Boletaceae, Basidiomycotina). Each mitochondrial genome exists as a single circular chromosome, ranging in size from 36 to 121 kb. Comparisons within species and between two closely related species revealed that insertions and deletions are the major form of genome change, whereas most restriction sites are conserved. Among more distantly related species, size and restriction-site differences were too great to allow precise alignments of maps, but small clusters of putatively homologous restiction sites were found. Two mitochondrial gene orders exist in the five species. These orders differ only by the relative positions of the genes for ATPase subunit 9 and the small ribosomal RNA and are interconvertible by a single transposition. One of the two gene arrangements is shared by four species whose mitochondrial DNAs span the entire size range of 36 to 121 kb. The conservation of gene order in molecules that vary over three-fold in size and share few restriction sites demonstrates a low frequency of rearrangements relative to insertions, deletions and base substitutions.