Ozone monitoring in the southern Sierra Nevada, 1976-1981.

Vogler, D. R. 1982.

U.S.D.A., Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region, San Francisco, CA 94111.

Forest Pest Management, Report No. 82-17. (1982)


The Forest Pest Management Staff, aided by several State and Federal cooperators, monitored ozone in the southern Sierra Nevada from 1976 through 1981. This report presents summary tables of data from six sites monitored at various times during that period: Whitaker Forest, Park Ridge Lookout, Lodgepole Ranger Station, Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest, Peppermint Heliport, and Greenhorn Summit. Federal and California ozone standards were exceeded at every site during each year monitored. Ozone levels were consistently highest at Greenhorn Summit, followed by Whitaker Forest. The highest hourly average ozone value was 17 parts per hundred million [pphm], recorded in July 1978 at Greenhorn Summit. Seasonal ozone doses declined from 1977 through 1980, but increased somewhat in 1981; weather was probably a factor in this trend. Although the level and duration of ozone maxima varied at the six sites, patterns were similar enough to conclude that potentially toxic ozone occurs throughout much of the range of susceptible conifers on and near the Sequoia National Forest.

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