Western dwarf mistletoe infects understory Jeffrey pine seedlings on Cleveland National Forest, California.

Scharpf, R. F., and Vogler, D. R. 1986.

U.S.D.A., Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Station, Berkeley, CA 94701, and
Pacific Southwest Region, San Francisco, CA 94111.

U.S.D.A., Forest Service, Research Note PSW-386. (1986)


Many young, understory Jeffrey pines (Pinus jeffreyi Grev. & Balf.) were found to be infected by western dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium campylopodum Engelm.) on Laguna Mountain, Cleveland National Forest, in southern California. Under heavily infected overstory, about three-fourths of the young pines (about 15 years old on the average) were infected by dwarf mistletoe. Infections per tree averaged about two and a half, two-thirds of these on the bole. Attempts to regenerate Jeffrey pine under an infected overstory in southern California will probably lead to a severely infected and damaged understory. Planting nonhost species or resistant selections of Jeffrey pine would be practical in managing dwarf mistletoe on these highly valuable forest recreation areas.

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