Glade Dlott


Glade is a currently a senior at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill CA. His interest in fungal ecology and mushroom collecting brought him to the Bruns lab in the summer of 2006.  While in the Bruns lab, he worked as a volunteer with Kabir Peay on a project examining the effects of simulated fire on ectomycorrhizal symbiosis.  Glade will return to the Bruns lab again in the summer of 2007 and is interested in pursuing the sciences when he attends university. Here is what Glade said about his experience to date:
My name is Glade Dlott and I am currently a senior at College Park High School. Last summer I assisted Kabir Peay with a project he was working on to determine the effects of a forest fire on the growth of species of ectomycorrhizal fungi. I heated soil, prepared bioassays, and attended several presentations by lab personnel regarding their current projects.

I began looking for a volunteer position in a lab to get some experience outside College Park’s limited facilities. For a high school Junior with practically no real laboratory experience, my prospects weren’t great. I got several responses from people basically saying they might be able to find a place for me if I really wanted it. However, I also received an e-mail from a PhD student working in the Bruns lab whose message was,

“If you’re interested in some volunteer work I’d be more than happy to have you help when there is work and to try and teach you some more about ecology and the fungi I work on.”

Thank God for that.

My work in the Bruns lab hadn’t been terribly difficult, but what it lacked in intricacy it made up in novelty. I had never before done scientific work with actual implications. My experience rested firmly on measuring and memorizing, but suddenly I was doing real work in a real lab. It was excellent. The presentations were especially illuminating. Through these reports I was able to really get a feeling of the work the lab does as a whole.

My experience in the Bruns lab has very much helped me realize my next few steps in life. Learning about the living entity of Science as it exists in the University of California at Berkeley has made me eager to participate in its ever-expanding frontier. I can only hope this year’s high school Juniors have the chance I did to discover what they truly want from college.

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