Karen Chiu

    Work Address:
  • Department of Plant and Microbial Biology
  • 341 Koshland Hall
  • University of California
  • Berkeley California 94720
  • (510) 643-5483
  • email: nerak74@juno.com

Karen joined the Bruns lab in March of 1998. She started working on a population genetic study of Leccinum manzanitae. The fruit bodies were mapped and collected on Mount Tamalpais over a period of three years. Karen extracted DNA from the fruit body samples and amplified the ITS region of the nuclear small rDNA gene via PCR. She then confirmed that all the samples were the same species by utilizing RFLP analysis. Sadly, Karen didn't have enough time to start working on the AFLP phase of the project. She left the Bruns lab in December of 1998.

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