Matteo Garbelotto

    Work Address:
  • Matteo Garbelotto
  • Forest Pathology and Mycology
  • Extension Specialist & Adjunct Professor
  • Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management
  • Ecosystem Sciences Division
  • 338 Hilgard Hall
  • University of California
  • Berkeley California 94720
  • (510) 643-6412
  • email:

Matteo received his Bachelor's degree in Forestry from the University of Padua, Italy in 1988. He continued his studies in Padua and received a Master's degree in Silviculture/Forest Pathology in 1990. Matteo then left Italy and came to Berkeley to study Plant Pathology and received his M.S. in February of 1993. Matteo received his PhD in December 1996. While in the Bruns lab, Matteo studied the population dynamics of the forest pathogen, Heterobasidion annosum. After leaving the Bruns lab, Matteo worked with Ignacio Chapela in ESPM and looked at the population biology of the Matsutake mushroom. He also continued his work on Heterobasidion annosum by looking at the effects of changes in forest ecosystems on the evolution and ecology of this forest pathogen.

Currently, Matteo is a Forest Pathology & Mycology Extension Specialist and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management.

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