Nhu Nguyen


Nhu's interests lie in the intricate and complex interactions between organisms. He hopes to study a fungal-insect system for his Ph.D. dissertation work. As of this point, he's still searching for that system.

Nhu's previous work had been in yeasts that live in the gut of beetles and other insects, working in collaboration with Dr. Meredith Blackwell. He worked mainly with Neuropterans (lacewings, fishflies, dobsonflies) and found interesting groups of yeasts that reside within their guts, including novel species.

Nhu's other interests range widely with overlapping fields. There is much to learn about the natural world and we must utilize our time most efficiently. Therefore, he is always open to collaborations with fellow graduate students or anyone who wants to spend some time working on weekend projects that could potentially lead to publications or to a Nhujito.

Nhu successfully passed his Ph.D. qualifying exam on December 10, 2008. Nhu graduated from Berkeley in May 0f 2013. His dissertation is titled "Community ecology of bacteria associated with the digestive structures of insects, ectomycorrhizal plants, and fungi."

As of September 2013, Nhu is a postdoctoral scholar in Peter Kennedy's lab at the University of Minnesota.


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