Yunan Li

    Work Address:
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • 7701 Burholme Avenue
  • Room 314
  • Philadelphia PA 19111
  • (215) 728-3601
  • email:

Yunan received her Master's Degree at the Institute of Genetics, Academia Sinica in 1988. Yunan joined the Bruns lab at UC Berkeley in 1990. Her major research interests involved the molecular biology and molecular evolution of fungal mitochondrial ribosomal RNA gene introns. Yunan received PhD in September of 1995. Her thesis was titled "Molecular characterization and evolution of mitochondrial introns within the large subunit ribosomal RNA genes of Suillus".

Yunan moved to Pennsylvania on September 30, 1995 and is now working as a post doc at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

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