Mushrooms found at Point Reyes

Suillus pungens Russula amoenolens Boletus edulis
a specialist on bishop & monterey pines & the most abundant fruiter in many of our sites an uncommon fruiter but a very common mycorrhizal associate of Bishop Pine at Point Reyes a highly sought after species, but rarely seen. When found, the DNA rarely makes its way back to the lab!

Amanita pantherina Amanita gemmata Amanita francheti
contains the same toxins as Amanita muscaria easily confused with Amanita pantherina very common at Point Reyes

Gomphidius subroseus Cantharellus cibarius Xerocomus chrysenteron
a Douglas fir associate that is quite common at Point Reyes the best known edible in California also found commonly at Point Reyes

Other Mushrooms of Interest
Suillus placidus Suillus spectabilis Amanita muscaria
collected near Ann Arbor Michigan (Fuscoboletinus)
collected at Cedar Creek, Minnesota. This is a common associate of Larix
also found commonly at Point Reyes

The tour continues with some photos of mycrorrhizal fungi (part 1).
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Last updated: Friday April 7, 2000