Mycorrhizal Fungi

Thelephoroid#2 mycorrhizae Rhizopogon bishop pine mycorrhizae Russula amoenolens mycorrhiza
one of the most common associates of bishop pine

Thelephoroid #2 ectomycorrhizae ectomycorrhizae of bishop pine another Thelephoroid ectomycorrhizae
on Douglas-fir double colonization by Tomentella sublilicina and Thelephoroid#2 on Douglas-fir

Russula amoenolens mycorrhizae bishop pine root mycorrhizae
on bishop pine (left) and douglas fir (right) showing 3 different mycorrhizal morphotypes in close proximity: Rhizopogon (white), Thelephoroid#2 (dark brown) and Russula amoenolens (yellow). of an unknown boletoid fungus on bishop pine

Thelephoroid mycorrhiza Suillus pungens mycorrhizae Cenoccocum mycorrhizae
infecting an orchid; not an ectomycorrhizae generally mycorrhizae of this species are very hard to find (black) with an unknown mycorrhizae on the same root

Pterospora mycorrhizae

The tour continues with some additional photos of mycorrhizal fungi (part 2).
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