Martín's Treasure Chest

Sarcodes sanguinea inflorescences emerging from the soil. Sierra National Forest, California. Seeds of Pterospora andromedea and the tip of a needle.

Pterospora andromedea inflorescence. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Oregon. Pterospora andromedea seeds (lower left), mycorrhizal seedling (right), and Rhizopogon salebrosus rhizomorph (bottom). From a field-buried seed packet.

Pterospora andromedea and Rhizopogon salebrosus mycorrhizae. Monotropa hypopithys with its mycorrhizal root mass. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Oregon.

Base of Monotropa uniflora inflorescence and mycorrhizal roots of M. uniflora and Russula brevipes. From Washington County, Vermont. Monotropsis odorata inflorescence. From Transylvania County, North Carolina.

Hemitomes congestum. Near Cottage Grove, Oregon. Cryptothallus mirabilis (a non-photosynthetic liverwort), Pinus muricata root, and Tulasnella sp. (a jelly fungus). From a laboratory microcosm with English liverwort and Californian pine.

Cryptothallus mirabilis rhizoid (400x) with Tulasnella sp. hyphae. From a laboratory microcosm.

The White Mountains at 10,000 feet. Inyo National Forest, California.
Arachnitis uniflora cluster Arachnitis uniflora roots Arachnitis uniflora side view

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