Point Reyes Mycoblitz Fungal Collections

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Species accession or
collection number
Date Collection route photos
Dacrymyces palmatus UC 185967812/10/2005Bear-3no photos yet
Dacrymyces palmatus UC 185988012/9/2007Meadowno photos yet
Dacrymyces palmatus UC 18599771/20/2007Lim-1
Dacrymyces stillatus UC 18596951/28/2006Unknown Pt. Reyes
Daldinia grandisUC 18597571/28/2006Unknown Pt. Reyes
Dermocybe crocea UC 1860124 12/29/07 Bay-1 more
Dermocybe phoenicea var. occidentalisUC 185962212/10/2005MtVT
Dermocybe phoeniceus var. phoeniceus UC 1860105 12/29/07 MtVM no photos yet
Dermocybe semisanquineus UC 1860103 12/29/07 MtVM
Dermocybe sp.UC 185962512/10/2005MtVT
Dermocybe sp. UC 1860099 12/29/07 Unknown Pt. Reyes
Dermocybe sp. UC 1860171 12/29/07 Bay-1 more
Endogone flammicoronaUC 185990712/31/2006MtVT
Endogone flammicoronaUC 185994912/31/2006MtVTno photos yet
Entoloma bloxami UC 185965412/10/2005Bear-2
Entoloma rhodopoliumUC 185966512/10/2005Teixno photos yet
Entoloma sp. UC 1860096 12/29/07 Bear-2
Entoloma sp. UC 1860098 12/29/07 Riff Trail more
Entoloma sp. UC 1860113 12/29/07 Riff Trail more
Exidia glandulosa UC 185988212/9/2007Stew
Exidia glandulosa UC 1860180 12/29/07 Mud more
Exidia sp. UC 1860144 12/29/07 OLEMA2
Exidia sp. UC 1860158 12/29/07 Stew
Exidia sp. UC 1860158 12/29/07 Stew
Exidia sp. UC 1860199 12/29/07 Lim-2
Flammulaster carpophilus UC 18595561/28/2006Horse Trail
Flammulina velutipes UC 185946712/10/2005Lim-1
Flammulina velutipes UC 185947412/10/2005LimB-1
Fomitopsis cajanderiUC 185988712/9/2007Horse Trail
Galerina marginata UC 185961112/10/2005KULEno photos yet
Galerina marginata UC 185961712/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Galerina marginata UC 185962012/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Galerina sp.UC 185948712/10/2005KULEno photos yet
Galerina sp.UC 185960312/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Galerina sp.UC 185961812/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Ganoderma browniiUC 18596981/28/2006KULE
Geopora cooperiUC 185994412/31/2006MtVTno photos yet
Gymnopilus bellulusUC 185963012/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Gymnopilus sp.UC 185958511/15/2005Pt. Reyes Mt. Vision
Gymnopilus cf. bellulusUC 18595731/28/2006OLEMA1
Gymnopilus cf. sapineus UC 185961312/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyes
Gymnopus fuscopurpureusUC 18594861/28/2006Unknown Pt. Reyesno photos yet
Gymnopus subpruinosusUC 18594141/28/2006Mud
Gymnopus sulphureusUC 185948411/15/2005Mt Vision end of roadno photos yet
Gymnopus villosipesUC 185948012/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Gyromitra infula UC 18597471/28/2006MtVT
Hebeloma theobrominumUC 185986412/9/2006Ridge-2
Hebeloma cf. crustuliniformeUC 185961412/10/2005MtVM
Hebeloma cf. theobrominumUC 185992112/9/2006MtVT
Hebeloma sp.UC 185959912/10/2005SKY-1
Helicobasidium sp. UC 1860109 12/29/07 TomPt1 more
Helvella compressaUC 18597491/28/2006OLEMA2 more
Helvella lacunosaUC 185974412/10/2005Bear-2
Helvella maculata UC 1860152 12/29/07 Unknown Pt. Reyes more
Hemimycena lactea UC 1860161 12/29/07 Lim-2
Hemimycena sp.UC 185948912/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyesno photos yet
Heterotextus alpinusUC 185988112/9/2007Ridge-2
Hohenbuehelia sp.UC 18594381/28/2006OLEMA2no photos yet
Hohenbuehelia sp. UC 1860184 12/29/07 TomPt1
Hohenbuehelia sp. UC 1860191 12/29/07 TomPt1
Hygrocybe flavescens UC 1860136 12/29/07 Meadow
Hygrocybe flavifolia UC 1860162 12/29/07 Stew
Hohenbuehelia cf. atrocoerulea UC 18594231/28/2006LimB-2
Hydnellum aurantiacumUC 185967712/10/2005MtVM
Hydnum rapandumUC 185940412/10/2005MtVMno photos yet
Hygrocybe calyptriformisUC 18595121/28/2006Old-Pine
Hygrocybe flavescensUC 18595111/28/2006Stew
Hygrocybe flavescensUC 185965112/10/2005Stew
Hygrocybe psittacina UC 18595131/28/2006LimB-1 more
Hygrocybe punicea UC 18595141/28/2006Unknown Pt. Reyes
Hygrocybe singeriUC 185964412/10/2005Old-Pine no photos yet
Hygrocybe sp.UC 185966012/10/2005Horse Trail
Hygrocybe cf. flavescensUC 185964212/10/2005MtWit-1
Hygrophoropsis aurantiacaUC 185973512/10/2005TomPt1
Hygrophorus agathosmus UC 1860156 12/29/07 Lim-2
Hygrophorus brunneusUC 18594101/28/2006Bear-1
Hygrophorus brunneusUC 185966612/10/2005OLEMA2
Hygrophorus eburneusUC 185964612/10/2005OLEMA2
Hygrophorus hypothejusUC 18599741/20/2007EsteroFno photos yet
Hygrophorus roseobrunneusUC 185964712/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyesno photos yet
Hygrophorus virescens UC 1860193 12/29/07 Horse Trail
Hygrophorus sp.UC 185965612/10/2005Bay-1
Hygrophorus sp.UC 18599781/20/2007Lim-1
Hygrophorus cf. hypothejusUC 185987112/9/2006MtVT
Hygrophorus cf. piceaeUC 185987012/9/2006OLEMA1
Hygrophorus cf. piceae UC 1860168 12/29/07 Lim-2
Hymenochaete cf. cinnamomeaUC 18599941/20/2007Bear-1 more
Hyphoderma sambuci UC 1860093 1/20/08 LimB-1 more
Hypholoma capnoidesUC 185955912/10/2005Bear-2no photos yet
Hypholoma capnoidesUC 185958212/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyesno photos yet
Hypholoma fasciculareUC 185956112/10/2005SKY-1no photos yet
Hypholoma fasciculareUC 185956212/10/2005OLEMA2no photos yet
Hypocrea cf. rufa UC 1860185 12/29/07 OLEMA1
Hypomyces cervinigenusUC 185974512/10/2005OLEMA1 no photos yet
Hypomyces cervinigenusUC 18598571/20/2007MtWit-2no photos yet
Hypomyces cervinigenusUC 18599711/20/2007SKY-1 more
Hypomyces cervinigenusUC 18599731/20/2007Bear-5no photos yet
Hypomyces sp.UC 18599452/4/2007Meadow more
Hypoxylon thouarsianum UC 185996412/9/2006Teix

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