Point Reyes Mycoblitz Fungal Collections

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Species accession or
collection number
Date Collection route photos
Inocybe calamistrata UC 18595651/28/2006Lim-1
Inocybe calamistrata UC 185956612/10/2005Lim-1no photos yet
Inocybe flocculosaUC 185960912/10/2005MtVB
Inocybe fuscodisca UC 1860128 12/29/07 Lim-1
Inocybe geophyllaUC 18595711/28/2006Unknown Pt. Reyes
Inocybe geophyllaUC 185959812/10/2005SKY-1no photos yet
Inocybe geophyllaUC 185960612/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Inocybe geophyllaUC 185962412/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Inocybe grammata UC 1860102 12/29/07 Horse Trail
Inocybe lilacinaUC 18595571/28/2006Lim-1
Inocybe lilacinaUC 185962612/10/2005OLEMA2
Inocybe lilacinaUC 185962912/10/2005Stew
Inocybe mixtilis
confirmed with RPB sequence
UC 185991412/9/2007Ridge-2
Inocybe mixtilis
confirmed with RPB sequence
UC 185991712/9/2007Stew
Inocybe mixtilis UC 1860186 12/29/07 South Coast Trail more
Inocybe nitidiusculaUC 185958112/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyes
Inocybe nitidiusculaUC 185960812/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Inocybe nitidiusculaUC 185991312/9/2007Stew
Inocybe pudicaUC 185960112/10/2005MtVMno photos yet
Inocybe pusioUC 185957811/27/2005Bottom of Horse Trailno photos yet
Inocybe pusio
confirmed with RPB sequence
UC 185990812/9/2007Stew
Inocybe pusio
confirmed with RPB sequence
UC 185990912/9/2007Teix
Inocybe pusio
confirmed with RPB sequence
UC 185991012/9/2007OLEMA1
Inocybe pusio UC 1860056 11/21/07 MtVT
Inocybe pusio UC 1860147 12/29/07 OLEMA2 more
Inocybe rimosa UC 185960012/10/2005Teix
Inocybe sororiaUC 185959712/10/2005Ridge-1
Inocybe subochracea
confirmed with RPB sequence
UC 18595601/28/2006Meadow
Inocybe cf. flocculosa UC 1860167 12/29/07 OLEMA1
Inocybe cf. juranaUC 185962312/10/2005KULE
Inocybe cf. nitidiusculaUC 185991212/9/2007Horse Trail
Inocybe cf. pelargoniumUC 185960212/10/2005Stew
Inocybe cf. rimosa UC 1860183 12/29/07 OLEMA2
Inocybe cf. subcarpta UC 1860190 12/29/07 Bay-1
Inocybe cf. subochracea
confirmed with RPB sequence
UC 18599851/20/2007MtWit-1
Inocybe cf. subochracea UC 1860200 12/29/07 OLEMA1 more
Inocybe sp.UC 185957611/27/2005Bottom of Horse Trailno photos yet
Inocybe sp.UC 185960412/10/2005Stew
Inocybe sp.UC 185960712/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Inocybe sp.UC 185991112/9/2007Stew
Inocybe sp.UC 185991512/9/2007OLEMA1
Inocybe sp.UC 185991612/9/2007SKY-1
Inocybe sp. UC 1860134 12/29/07 MtVM
Inocybe sp. UC 1860202 12/29/07 OLEMA2
Jahnoporus hirtusUC 185990412/9/2007Unknown Pt. Reyes
Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalisUC 185943612/10/2005KULE
Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalisUC 185945912/10/2005Stew
Laccaria laccataUC 185947012/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyes
Lactarius alnicolaUC 185952712/10/2005OLEMA2no photos yet
Lactarius deliciosusUC 185996312/9/2006DRAKE
Lactarius fragilisUC 185955111/27/2005Bottom of Horse Trailno photos yet
Lactarius fragilisUC 185951712/10/2005Old-Pine no photos yet
Lactarius fragilis var. rubidusUC 185952112/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Lactarius hepaticus UC 1860126 12/29/07 MtVM
Lactarius rubrilacteusUC 185953412/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyesno photos yet
Lactarius rufulusUC 185952612/10/2005MtVTno photos yet
Lactarius rufus UC 1860201 12/29/07 Lim-1 more
Lactarius subvillosus UC 1860148 12/29/07 Meadow
Lactarius substriatusUC 18597611/28/2006Meadowno photos yet
Lactarius subviscidusUC 18595361/28/2006SKY-1
Lactarius xanthogalactusUC 185952812/10/2005MtWit-1 no photos yet
Lactarius sp.UC 185952412/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Leccinum manzanitaeUC 18597181/28/2006MtVT
Lentaria sp.UC 18596831/28/2006Unknown Pt. Reyes
Lentaria sp.UC 18597041/28/2006Stew
Lentaria sp.UC 185989612/9/2007Bear-1
Lentinellus ursinus UC 185946612/10/2005Bear-1no photos yet
Leocarpus fragilisUC 18599901/20/2007Old-Pine more
Leotia lubrica UC 18597481/28/2006MtWit-1
Lepiota castaneidisca UC 185963512/10/2005Bear-1
Lepiota pseudohelveolaUC 185965812/10/2005Ridge-1 more
Lepiota rubrotinctaUC 185992012/9/2006Teix
Lepiota spheniscispora UC 18594971/28/2006Ridge-2
Lepiota cf. castaneidisca UC 185963612/10/2005SKY-1
Leptonia sp. UC 1860138 12/29/07 BOLEMA
Leucoagaricus cf. rubrotinctus UC 185963412/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyesno photos yet
Leucopaxillus albissimusUC 185943512/10/2005KULE
Leucopaxillus gentianeus UC 185947912/10/2005Stew
Lichenomphalia umbellifera UC 185945712/10/2005Stew more
Lycoperdon molle UC 185966212/10/2005Bay-1no photos yet
Lycoperdon perlatumUC 185963712/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyes
Lycoperdon perlatumUC 185966312/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyesno photos yet
Lycoperdon umbrinum UC 18597111/28/2006Unknown Pt. Reyes more
Lyophyllum decastesUC 185947312/10/2005SKY-1no photos yet
Lyophyllum sp.UC 185946412/10/2005Bay-1no photos yet
Marasmiellus candidusUC 185987212/9/2006OLEMA1
Marasmius calhouniaeUC 18594421/28/2006MtVT
Marasmius calhouniae UC 1860203 12/29/07 MtVM
Marasmius oreades UC 185987612/9/2006TomPt1
Marasmius plicatulus UC 185943412/10/2005Old-Pine no photos yet
Marasmius plicatulus UC 185945212/10/2005SKY-1no photos yet
Marasmius quercophilusUC 185948111/27/2005Bottom of Horse Trailno photos yet
Marasmius quercophilusUC 185947212/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Marasmius cf. pallidocephalus UC 18594221/28/2006MtWit-2
Melanoleuca cf. evenosa UC 1860178 12/29/07 KULE
Melanoleuca sp.UC 185943912/10/2005KULEno photos yet
Melanoleuca sp.UC 185945112/10/2005KULEno photos yet
Melanoleuca sp. UC 1860142 12/29/07 Horse Trail
Melanoleuca sp. UC 1860142 12/29/07 Horse Trail
Meruliopsis coriumUC 18594091/28/2006MtWit-1
Meruliopsis coriumUC 185990212/9/2007Teixno photos yet
Meruliopsis coriumUC 18599951/20/2007Bay-2 more
Meruliporia incrassata UC 1860224 11/25/07 Horse Trail more
Mollisia sp.UC 185996512/9/2006Stew
Mollisia sp.UC 185996612/9/2006OLEMA1
Morganella pyriformeUC 18598561/20/2007Unknown Pt. Reyes
Mucronella bresadolae UC 185967312/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Mucronella bresadolae UC 18598861/20/2007Bear-1
Mucronella cf. bresadolae UC 185968012/10/2005Bear-1no photos yet
Mycena abramsiiUC 185992612/9/2006OLEMA1
Mycena acicula UC 185943312/10/2005Meadow more
Mycena amictaUC 185992512/9/2006Horse Trail more
Mycena capillaripesUC 185948211/27/2005Bottom of Horse Trailno photos yet
Mycena capillaripesUC 185941812/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyes
Mycena capillaripes UC 1860053 11/21/07 MtVT
Mycena corticalis UC 1860188 12/29/07 Lim-2 more
Mycena filopesUC 185943112/10/2005MtWit-1 no photos yet
Mycena filopesUC 185992712/9/2006Horse Trail
Mycena filopesUC 185992912/9/2006Stew more
Mycena filopesUC 185993112/9/2006Stew more
Mycena galericulata UC 185941612/10/2005Bear-1no photos yet
Mycena galericulata UC 185946112/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Mycena haematopus UC 185945612/10/2005Stewno photos yet
Mycena haematopus UC 185946212/10/2005OLEMA1
Mycena leptocephalaUC 185992812/9/2006Unknown Pt. Reyes
Mycena maculata UC 185943212/10/2005Bear-3no photos yet
Mycena oreades UC 185987712/9/2006Unknown Pt. Reyesno photos yet
Mycena oregonensis UC 18594441/28/2006KULE more
Mycena pupureofuscaUC 185948311/27/2005Bottom of Horse Trailno photos yet
Mycena purpureofusca UC 185941912/10/2005Bear-2
Mycena roridaUC 185992412/9/2006Horse Trail more
Mycena saquinolentaUC 185993012/9/2006MtVM
Mycena speirea UC 1860150 12/29/07 Bay-3 more
Mycena speirea f. camptophyllaUC 185986312/9/2006Horse Trail
Mycena vitilis UC 1860192 12/29/07 Horse Trail more
Mycena cf. salicicolaUC 185942812/10/2005Bear-1
Mycoacia cf. uda UC 1860122 12/29/07 Lim-2 more
Mycena sp.UC 185941112/10/2005MtVMno photos yet
Mycena sp.UC 185941312/10/2005Bear-3no photos yet
Mycena sp.UC 185942412/10/2005Bear-1no photos yet
Mycena sp.UC 185942512/10/2005KULEno photos yet
Mycena sp.UC 185942612/10/2005LAGUNA-2 no photos yet
Mycena sp.UC 185946912/10/2005Unknown Pt. Reyes more

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