Some Famous Mycologists

Charles Peck Alexander H Smith Alex Smith 1970 Ralph Emerson O'Neil Ray Collins
George Willard Martin

Meredith Blackwell Georgiana MayJoey Spatafora Jim Trappe Rytas VilgalysAnders Dahlberg

Ignacio Chapela Sir David "the dude" Read The 4 Toms -
O'Dell, Parker, Horton & Kuyper
Walter Gams

Dennis Desjardin Harry Thiers and Rolf Singer Harry Thiers

Ian Ross Keith Egger Reinhard Agerer and Torgny Unestam Bart Buyck

Bruce MacDonald Paul Bayman Greg Mueller Kerry Odonnell Gary Sammuels

Orson Miller, Edie Allen, Hope Miller
Mike Allen and Ralph Boerner
John Pitt Jon Polishook Joan Bennet

Ris Charvat and Suzanne Simard Joe Morton and Ian Sanders Steve Miller

Ian Alexander and Jonathan Leake Bengt Söderström Robert Shaffer and Robert Fogel

David Janos and Andrew Smith Rob Samson Jan Stenlid Junta Sugiyama

"Corporate Mycologists"
Gerald Bills and Katsuhiko Ando
Toru Okuda and Maren Klich

David Pilz Soren Rosendahl Neil Bougher Zhiqiang An

Inez Tommerup Melanie Jones Suzanne Erland John Cairney and Susan Chambers

Ernast Parmasto Shigeru Uchiyama

name the mycologist who authored these 2 quicktime movies: [mycelial comforter 1] and [mycelial comforter 2]
You may wonder how one qualifies for inclusion on this Famous Mycologists web site. There are two important criteria that one must meet:
  1. The person is a Mycologist and
  2. We have their photograph
It's that simple!

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