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Sample Results

3100 data collection software view 3100 entire run gel view rflp gel

microsatellite gel
Microsatellite markers, also called short tandem repeat (STR) markers, are polymorphic DNA loci that contain a repeated nucleotide sequence. The repeat unit can be from 2 to 7 nucleotides in length. The number of nucleotides per repeat unit is the same for a majority of repeats within a microsatellite locus
DNA fragments labeled with P33
DNA fragements fluorescently labeled
What is Microsatellite Analysis?
Microsatellite loci are PCR amplified and the PCR products are then analyzed by electrophoresis to separate the alleles according to size. PCR-amplified microsatellite alleles can be detected using various methods, such as fluorescent dye labeling, silver staining, or fluorescent dye staining.
Amplified Restriction Fragment Polymorphism (AFLP) technology is a technique for fingerprinting genomic DNA. DNA fingerprinting is used to visualize DNA polymorphisms between samples. These fingerprints may be used as a tool for determining the identity of a specific DNA sample or to assess the relatedness between samples. Fingerprints are also used as the source for genetic markers to generate linkage maps or to identify molecular markers linked to phenotypic traits and/or genetic loci.

dot blot isozyme gel Before the acquisition of the 3100, sequencing data was obtained using an ABI PRISM 377.

Single Strand Conformational Polymorphism SSCP is a screening technique that allows one to detect sequence based polymorphisms. For an overview of the principle behind SSCP, click here.
35S sequencing gel SSCP gel

The tour continues: take a stroll through Point Reyes and visit one of our study sites before the devistating Mount Vision fire.
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