The movies can be played in several ways.

One way is to have Netscape launch Quicktime plugin.

How is your copy configured? If you can not see the entire movie, including the play and step by step buttons at the bottom, you need to change something.

Step 1): find out how Netscape is configured:-

At the very top, towards the right, see "Options", select general preferences, helpers.

Look down the list to see what it says beside Quicktime Video.

I will check other options, but here is one route that works.

Double click on the line starting Quicktime Video (or choose Edit)

selection "Application"

Select browse. This allows you go tell Netscape where the application is located on your computer.

show it where "Movie Player" is located

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS APPLICATION:- it can be readily downloaded from the internet free (it is also probably available from the Do-it labs.

If you need to download Movie Player, go to:- (copy and paste)

or click here.

This will install a file called:- MoviePlayer_2.5.sea.hqx

on your desk top. click on this and it will generate a folder containing the program.

Now go back to the top of this page, and follow the instructions to tell your version of Netscape where this file is

Note, all Do-it labs should have this set up already!