Predissertation Fellows

Laurie Yung

University of Montana, Missoula
Place Conceptions and Individual and Collective Land Use Practices along the Rocky Mountain Front, Montana
Research site: Rocky Mountains, Montana

Advisor: Jill Belsky, University of Montana, Missoula

Yung Final Report (pdf)

Masters Fellows

Jeremy Madsen

University of Oregon
Environmentalists and Community Forestry in the Northwest
Research site: Oregon

Advisor: Peter Walker, University of Oregon
Community Partner: Marcus Kauffmann, Sustainable Northwest

Cindy McCauley

University of Arkansas, Fayatteville
Designing Leadership Training Curriculum for Community Leadership
Research site: Arkansas

Advisor: Donald Voth, University of Arkansas, Fayatteville
Community Partner: Sherry Johnston, National Forest Community Project

Madeline Ostrander

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Restoring the River: Cultural Revitalization through Ecological Restoration on Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribal Lands
Research site: South Dakota

Advisor: Paul Zedler, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Community Partner: Wesley Hansen, Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe

Dissertation Fellows

Eliza Darling

City University of New York
The Nature of Class: Conservation, Gentrification, and Livelihood in the Adirondack Logging Community
Research site: upstate New York

Advisor: Neil Smith, Rutgers
Community Partner: Tom Bleyl, Bleyl Logging Company

Darling Final Report (pdf)

Carol Jo Evans

University of Kentucky
Participatory Resolution of Conflict and Resistance Over the Management of Public Land: A Case Example of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
Research site: Kentucky

Advisor: John Van Willigen, University of Kentucky
Community Partner: Tom Des Jean, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Jonathan Long

Northern Arizona University
Design of Restoration Treatments for Riparian Wetlands in the White Mountain Apache Reservation
Research site: Arizona

Advisor: Louise Fortmann, UC Berkeley
Community Partner: Beverly Malone, White Mt Apache Tribe

Long Final Report (pdf)

Dan Smith

Yale University
The Influence of Cultural, Political and Historical Dynamics on Political Participation in Forest-Dependent Communities
Research site: Vermont

Advisor: John Wargo, Yale University
Community Partner: John Erwin, Concord High School

Jennifer Sokolove

University of California , Berkeley
Reworking Nature: NGOs, Communities, and Environmental Protection in the American West
Research site: the U.S. Pacific West

Advisor: Sally Fairfax, UC Berkeley
Community Partner: John Berdes, Shorebank Enterprise Group

Sokolove Final Report (pdf)


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