As conservation students and scientists, we are concerned about unsustainable levels of environmental degradation and biodiversity loss, both at home in the US and around the world. We are also concerned about the use and misuse of science in the management of natural resources. Our Chapter strives to provide an open venue of information-sharing and discussion about conservation issues and encourages members to speak out on issues about which they are passionate and informed. We also occasionally formulate group position statements and letters for relevant policy makers.

Recently we have been focusing on proposed reforms to the US Endangered Species Act. We are deeply troubled by Richard Pombo's (R-CA) bill that passed the House of Representives last fall, and about other similar initiatives which we interpret as trying to inappropriately undermine much needed protection of threatened biodiversity. We have written a group letter (PDF) in response to these initiatives.

For another group's take on the issue, check out the Union of Concerned Scientists letter.

Also, Jackie Patt, one of our members, wrote an excellent editorial on the topic to the Daily Californian.

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