Bay Area Conservation Biology Symposium The 16th

May 2015, UC Berkeley


Concurrent Session I

Conservation Planning and Practice

Moderator: Dr. Zdravka Tzankova, UC-Santa Cruz

William Lidicker - An ambitious plan for making conservation more compelling and effective

Paul Jacobs - The Power of Using Economic Models for Conservation Planning and Policy

Hyeyeong Choe - Assessing representation of national plant biodiversity and complementary conservation targets for the existing protected areas in South Korea

Daria Sciliano - Bridging the 90-miles gap: Cuba-US collaborations in marine conservation

Adam Lampert - General principles for cost-effective restoration of ecosystems

Landscape Ecology

Moderator: Dr. Adina Merelender, UC-Berkeley

Tristan Nunez - Remote sensing of animal trails

Jason Riggio - Uncovering Tanzanian wildlife corridors with Google Earth

Briana Abrahms - Functional landscape connectivity: Do modeled corridors reflect animal movement?

Morgan Gray - How does the built environment act as a boundary to puma movement in the Santa Cruz Mountains?

Concurrent Session II


Human Dimensions of Conservation

Moderator: Dr. Justin Brashares, UC-Berkeley

Kaitlyn Gaynor - Pathways through which war and armed conflict affect wildlife populations and habitats

Robert Heilmayr - Private governance of land use change: effectiveness of voluntary agreements and forest certification in Chile

Gillian Gregory - Impacts of an informal economic institution on fisheries conservation and rural livelihoods in the Peruvian Amazon

Kathryn Fiorella - Health and Natural Resources: Fish-for-Sex Relationships Around Lake Victoria

Alex McInturff - Toward A Hunting Footprint: Regional Patterns of Wild Game Depletion and Dependence in Eastern and Southern Africa

Organismal Ecology & Conservation

Moderator: Dr Ridolfo Dirzo, Stanford

Silas Ellison - Disease and the skin microbiome of an endangered frog, Rana sierrae

Dena Emmerson - Singing a different tune: The effects of avian blood parasites on song in Nuttall's white-crowned sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli)

Fengyi Guo - Non-passerine dove coos vary across noise gradients in urbanized environments

Lacy Smith - Shorebird response to varying salinity and water depth in an experimental design in salt pond management

Julia Ersan - Using Behavioral Ecology to Inform Management: Prey preference of neonate giant gartersnakes (Thamnophis gigas) from the Sacramento Valley


Concurrent Session III


Global Change

Moderator: Dr. David Ackerly, UC-Berkeley

Sarah Sawyer - Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation for Land Management Planning

Yu Jade Zhang - Resource-constrained population dynamics derive from maximizing Boltzmann Entropy: a new approach to predict community-level responses to global change

Lisa Micheli - Adapting ecosystems through open space conservation in the Bay Area uplands

Matthew Luskin - Long-term tree recruitment failure in in Southeast Asia driven by altered wildlife

Nathan Van Schmidt - Changes in wetlands in the Sierra rangelands: 1940s to Present

Conservation Genetics

Moderator: Dr. Ben Sacks, UC-Davis

Zachary Lounsberry - Applications of next-generation Sequencing techniques to wildlife conservation

Cate Quinn - The potential role of inbreeding depression in limiting reproductive output of Sierra Nevada red fox

Preston Alden - Native versus nonnative origins of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in the Great Basin

Laurie Hall - Connectivity of threatened rail populations links wetland habitat among the San Francisco Bay

Mark Statham - Splitting hairs: results from the range-wide population genetics study of the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys raviventris)



Jillian Bible - Multiple stressor effects on Olympia oysters: Implications for conservation and restoration

Gabrielle Bohlman - Removal of competing vegetation in post-fire areas targeted for reforestation increases understory plant species richness

Susana Cardenas - Factors influencing willingness to donate to marine endangered species recovery in the Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

Danielle Desmet - Founding Fish: Assessing Bottlenecked Rainwater Killifish Populations using a Functional Locus

Sara ElShafie - Paleogene temperature estimates from body size in glyptosaurine lizards (Squamata: Anguidae) for the interior of North America

Kaitlyn Gaynor - Reassembling an ecosystem: the science of large-scale restoration at Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

Tali Hammond - Individualistic responses to environmental change: exploring stress in two chipmunk species

Katelyn Ludwig - Communities as bio-indicators: pairing aquatic macroinvertebrates with riparian flora to assess the biotic integrity of headwater streams disturbed by cattle in the Warner Mountains

Beth Morrison - The effects of deforestation on community structure and mutualistic interactions in the tropics

Cierra Scriven - Impacts of passive versus active restoration of Spartina foliosa on sediment characteristics in salt marshes of the San Francisco Bay

Justine Smith - What’s in the bag? Citizen science as a tool for efficient non-invasive sample collection