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Welcome to CRSSO

If CRSSO represented me, it would...
Christine: "If CRSSO represented me it would be a place where current and potential CRS students could meet, exchange ideas, and learn from each other as well as past generations of CRS majors. It would foster a community within the major, and make people proud to be part of something bigger than just a title on a piece of paper at the end of four years."

Sarah: "If CRS represented me, I would want it to come with a soft, but serious casing. I believe that CRS students work really hard for what they believe in, and we take our work very seriously. I think that we get a lot of flack from other majors in CNR for not being structured enough, but I think the major is unique in that it gives us the freedom to not be bound to the conventional educational system which so often keeps students from growing as individuals and enabling us to really make a difference. I would want to show what unique self-starters CRS students really are."

Graduate Manifesto:
Chantal Peterson '09

See the bigger picture. Make a better world.

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