PowerSave Campus Paid Project Coordinator

The Alliance to Save Energy's PowerSave Campus Program seeks a student with an interest in energy efficiency for the position of PowerSave Campus Project Coordinator beginning September 2013.

The Project Coordinator will join a team of fellow student interns to design and implement energy efficiency projects based on low-cost technologies and no-cost behavior changes, as well as the education of campus students, staff, and faculty members on energy conservation. Students will determine their specific objectives and workload through ongoing consultation with teammates, team managers, and Alliance to Save Energy's campus lead. The weekly workload for the Project Coordinator position will vary between 5 and 15 hours per week and is compensate at $11 per hour. Candidates - especially freshman and sophomores - who are interested in a year long position or longer, will be favored. Students with work study are also encouraged to apply. However, other applicants should not be discouraged from applying.

Please see the attached internship ad and job description for more information. Applications are due at 7pm Monday September 23rd.


Please contact powersavecal@gmail.com with any questions.