The Controversy Over Living Force:

Leibniz to D'Alembert

By Carolyn Merchant Iltis

Doctoral Dissertation

University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1967


Title Page and Contents


1.  Descartes: The Heterogeneity of Motion and Direction

2.  The Laws of Impact: Wallis, Wren, and Huygens (1669)

3.  Leibniz's Dynamics and the Initiation of the Controversy (1686-1716)

4.  The Defense of the Cartesian Hypothesis: Catalan, Arnauld, Malebranche, Papin (1687-1691)

5.  The Emergence of the Experimental Verification of Vis Viva: 'S Gravesande and Poleni (1718-1722)

6.  British Reactions and 'S Gravesande's Reply (1722-1729)

7.  Prize Winning Essays of the French Academy (1720-1726)

8.  Jean Bernoulli and the French Reactions (1727-1729)

9.  Re-Examination of Living Force in the 1740's