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Buffalo Panorama 

For thousands of years, buffalo have lived on and shaped the ecology of North America's Great Plains. Driven to the brink of extinction by the 1880s, bison are now being reintroduced to the Plains, as in this panorama taken in the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, just northwest of Tulsa. As you view the panorama, list the ways in which bison and ecosystem interact. Think about the Indians' use of bison for subsistence and enumerate the factors that led to the decline of the bison. Use the linked quotations to assist you in your interpretation.

Quicktime VR 

If your browser does not automatically start loading the panorama after you click on this image link, please download Quicktime here.

Buffalo Panorama
Credits: Photographs by Carolyn Merchant; panorama assembly and web page by Rob Weinberg.