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From Conservation to Environment


4 Environmental Impact Statement 
5 President who signed NEPA into law 
8 Pesticide used to kill insects 
9 Environmental Protection Agency 
11 Structure for transporting oil from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez (2 wds) 
12 Untamed animals and plants 
15 Civilian Conservation Corps 
17 Tennessee Valley Authority 
18 Act that set aside wild areas 
19 Time of citizen demonstrations for the environment (2 wds) 
20 President during New Deal Era
1 Southwestern Indians who protested coal mining on their lands 
2 Court decision that affirmed water rights of Indian reservations 
3 Dispute between U.S. and Soviet Union over nuclear buildup (2 wds) 
6 Author of The Quiet Crisis 
7 National Environmental Policy Act 
10 Head of Soil Conservation Service in 1940s 
13 Author of Silent Spring 
14 Federal dam on Colorado River 
15 Act that improved air quality (2 wds) 
16 Author of The People's Forests 


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