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Cotton Gin House, Laurinburg, North Carolina

1JohBluePlaque1.jpg (31457 bytes)
Plaque: John Blue House, Location of restored cotton gin
2JohnBlueHouse.jpg (24765 bytes)
John Blue House (right) with Cotton Gin House (center)
3GinHouse.jpg (30919 bytes)
Restored 2-Story, Pre-Civil War Cotton Gin, 1850
4GearWheel1.jpg (35623 bytes)
Gear operated by two mules for turning cotton gin on floor above
5GearWheel2.jpg (39809 bytes)
Gear Wheel
6GearWheel3.jpg (22631 bytes)
Gear Wheel
7GearWheel4.jpg (34615 bytes)
Gear Wheel and belt for transmitting motion to cotton gin on floor above
8Gearbelt1.jpg (38875 bytes)
Belted wheel for transmitting motion to gin on floor above