Cotton South Crossword Puzzle

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Cotton South

3 Fertilizer from seabirds
9 Moth larva that destroyed cotton
12 Major crop in southern United States
13 Inventor of cotton gin
14 Depleted (soil) (2 wds)
18 A person who receives land and seed in return for part of a crop
19 Bundle of cotton
20 Banker who backed agricultural wagon
21 Material used to restore soil fertility
22 Machine that separated seeds from cotton (2 wds)
1 Woman horrified by slavery in Georgia
2 Part of cotton damaged by boll weevil
4 Landscape architect who traveled in the South
5 Antebellum labor system
6 Method of alternating crops annually
7 State which protested invasion of weevils
8 Event that changed the South (2 wds)
10 Beetle that threatened the cotton industry (2 wds)
11 Structure for processing cotton
15 Farm product planted in rows (2 wds)
16 Land unit on which cotton was grown
17 Georgia widow who expressed need for cotton gin

Puzzle Solution