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Emergence of Ecology

4 Apex community reached in process of plant succession 
6 Complex of biotic and abiotic factors in a given area 
10 Woman who publicized ecology in America (3 wds) 
16 Botanist who defined vegetation as a plant association 
17 Plants that occupy a given area 
18 British biologist who defined the ecosystem 
19 Bacteria and fungi that break down organic compounds
1 Greek root word for ecology 
2 American ecologist for whom nature was a homeostatic system 
3 Ecological disaster on the Great Plains in the 1930s (2 wds) 
4 Botanist who thought of ecology as a complex organism 
5 Plants that use the sun to synthesize complex chemicals 
7 Animals that feed on plants 
8 System in which energy is transferred from plants to animals (2 wds) 
9 German biologist who coined "ecology" 
10 Surroundings 
11 Ecologist who proposed a land ethic 
12 Random series of individual events 
13 Amount of living matter in a particular ecosystem 
14 Process by which one plant community develops into another 
15 Locality in which animals and plants are found 


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