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The Contemporary Environmental Movement

4 Regions in which no roads exist (2 wds) 
5 Author of The Tao of Physics 
6 Occupational Safety and Health Administration 
7 Hazardous to health 
8 Founder of deep ecology 
13 Number of people in a given region 
14 Scientist who proposed the "Gaia hypothesis" 
15 Protest technique used by Earth First! 
17 Founder of social ecology 
18 Radical environmental group (2 wds) 
19 Movment by women to save the environment  
20 Branch of government that make laws
1 Loss of forests 
2 Rules to implement policy 
3 Agency that manages U.S. forests (2 wds) 
9 Author of The Population Bomb 
10 Bureau of Land Management 
11 Areas defined by biotic communities 
12 Act to improve polluted aquatic environments (2 wds) 
16 Degree of probability of damage 


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