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Farm Ecology

2 Frenchman who eulogized American farmers
3 Staple crop grown in Georgia
4 North-South flowing river used for transporting goods
6 Tool for turning over soil
7 Jefferson's chosen people of God
11 Building where butter was produced
13 Commonest book (along with Bible) on farms
14 Place where women worked
15 Tool for making yarn (2 wds)
17 Food crop grown in middle colonies
18 White, fleshy root crop used as a vegetable
1 State settled by German farmers
2 Product made from milk
3 Grain used for making bread
5 Class of large domesticated animals
8 A person who settles on public land
9 Region of new exploration and settlement
10 Tool for covering sown seed
12 Place where commodities are traded
16 Staple meat in slave diet 


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