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Indian Ecology


2 To abandon religious beliefs or faith 
6 Plant cultivated by N. American Indians 
7 Metal sought by Spanish in America 
8 Shaft with sharp point used in hunting 
9 Metal used by Europeans for traps, utensils, and weapons 
11 Spanish explorer of the Southwest, 1540-42 
12 Animal whose fur was used for hats 
14 Catholic missionary order in northeastern N. America 
16 Religion introduced by European missionairies 
17 Domesticated animal introduced by Spanish to America 
20 Europeans who colonized the Northeast 
21 Indian village in the American Southwest 
22 Firearms introduced by Europeans 
23 Animal hunted for meat and hides
1 French explorer of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, 1534 
3 Disease that decimated Indian tribes 
4 Spiritual power within a natural entity 
5 Catholic missionary order in the Southwest 
8 Europeans who colonized the Southwest 
10 Animal hunted by Paleo-Indians 
13 Northern sea between Asia and N. America 
15 Indian tribe of the Gaspe peninsula 
16 N. American reindeer hunted in Arctic 
18 Metal cooking containers introduced by Europeans 
19 Pelts sought by European traders 
23 Animal domesticated by American Indians 


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