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Micmac Panorama 

The Micmac Indians who lived in what is now the Gaspe Peninsula in southeastern Canada were a gathering-hunting-fishing people whose lives were transformed by the advent of French traders and missionaries beginning with the explorations of Jacques Cartier in 1534. A reconstructed 1675 Micmac village in the town of Gaspe demonstrates subsistence activities in each of the four seasons of the year using both traditional and introduced tools.

As you view the panorama and additional photographs identify the ways that Micmac people sustained their lives and the changes introduced by the French. Use the linked quotations to assist you in your interpretation.

Please click here to load the panorama.

Additional Photos

Micmac Subsistence and Jacques Cartier's Arrival

Micmac Village Life

Credits: Photographs by Carolyn Merchant; panorama assembly and web page by Rob Weinberg.
Panoramas updated by Ravi Shivanna using PanoramaStudio 3 (July 2018)