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Mining California's Earth

2 Racial group which used gold to buy freedom 
5 Early method of washing gold from streams 
6 Earliest human occupants of California 
8 Lump of gold 
9 Metallic chemical used as an alloy with gold 
11 Black slave who purchased his freedom with gold (2 wds) 
13 Fish impacted by mining debris 
15 Judge who halted hydraulic mining 
16 Valuable metal often found with gold 
17 Rock in which gold was found 
18 Trail followed by forty-niners 
20 Metal that attracted people to California 
21 City inundated by hydraulic mining debris 
23 Group who brought suit against hydraulic miners 
24 Mining method using nozzles and hoses 
25 Name for 1849 gold seeker (2 wds)
1 Individual who discovered gold in California 
3 Asians who worked in the gold mines 
4 Mountain range where gold was mined 
7 Gold bars 
10 Process of extracting ore from the earth 
12 Box on rockers for washing dirt out of gold 
14 Belt of gold deposits in Sierra foothills (2 wds) 
16 Person on whose land gold was discovered 
19 Staple food of California Indians 
22 Author of "A Frontier Lady" 

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