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Nature versus Civilization

2 Fossil fuel used in nineteenth century industry
7 Sign of progress/polluter of air
9 Title of a Leatherstocking novel
12 Idealist philosophy that flourished in New England
16 Result of market accumulation admired by Emerson
18 Metal industry that degraded humans and the environment (2 wds)
20 Emerson's soul of the whole
22 Crafty mammal whose history was described by Thoreau
24 Frontiersman who was "form'd for the wilderness" (2 wds)
25 Thoreau's vegetable garden (2 wds)
1 Black waterbirds shot by Audubon
3 Novelist who chastised "wasty" pioneers
4 Game bird slaughtered to extinction (2 wds)
5 Artist who painted American birds
6 Disrupter of Thoreau's solitude
8 African American female poet
10 First steamship on the Hudson
11 New York mountains visited by artists and tourists
13 Vapor that drives engines
14 Artist who painted Indian ways of life
15 Goddess of dawn eulogized by Wheatley
17 Life-centered view of nature
19 School of nineteenth century painters
21 Hide industry that polluted the Hudson River
23 Painting by Thomas Cole contrasting wild and pastoral nature 


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