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New England Forest

3 Animal hunted by Native Americans 
8 Native crop used by Pilgrims 
9 Founder of Rhode Island 
10 Maker of barrels 
12 Quoted Genesis 1:28 before sailing to New England 
14 Policy of the King of England 
16 Tree used for barrels 
17 English king who opposed Puritans 20 Governor of New Hampshire 
21 Bird that brought the Indians their corn 
22 Tree favored by beavers 
24 Source of revenue for colonists 
26 Fish used in trade 
27 Highly valued for ship masts 
28 Animal brought from Europe
1 Creator of dams and ponds 
2 Author of the New English Canaan 
4 English plant that thrived in New England 
5 Tree used for naval stores 
6 Tool used by Indians for hunting 
7 Disease that killed Indians 
11 Name of first permanent settlement in New England 
13 Place for cutting wood 
14 Feared "a hideous and desolate wilderness 
15 Place of darkness and evil 
18 Indian who assisted Pilgrims 
19 Vessel that transported Pilgrims 
20 Place of trade by merchants 
23 Wood product exported to Canary Islands 
25 Fertilizer used by colonists


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