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Great Plains Grasslands

3 160 acre plot of land 
7 Form of transportation that crossed the Plains 
9 Earliest human occupants of the Plains 
12 A tall bluish prairie grass 
13 Fleet-footed Plains animal 
14 Indian who mourned the passing of the buffalo 
18 Range animals driven to market 
20 Warm dry wind from the west 
21 Wolf-like predator found on the Plains 
23 Muckraker who exposed meatpacking industry 
24 Person who herds cattle 
25 Gun used to subdue Indians
1 Feral animal tamed by Indians 
2 Artist who painted Plains Indians 
4 Plants that dominated the Plains 
5 Animal sought by fur traders 
6 Period of aridity 
8 Machine used for pumping water 
10 Introduced range animal that competed with cattle 
11 African American mountain man 
12 Animal captured by Indians in cliff drive 
15 Trail from Texas to Abilene, Kansas 
16 Settlers who first came to the Plains 
17 Yard for livestock 
19 Fencing used by farmers and ranchers (2 wds) 
22 Entrepreneur who obtained wealth from beaver


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