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Resource Conservation

4 Club founded to save birds from destruction
6 Gospel of engineers
7 Spokeswoman for conservation movement
9 Taking of water for beneficial purpose (legal term)
14 Author of Man and Nature
15 A measure of land
18 Constituency of early conservation clubs
19 Having little rainfall
20 President who supported conservation
21 Author of Economics of Forestry
1 Act promoting settlement on 160 acres of land
2 Interpreter of the Significance of the American Frontier
3 Leader of expedition down the Colorado River
5 Father of U.S. forestry
8 Place where Oregon Trail crossed the Continental Divide (2 wds)
10 Legal term applied to use of water along a stream bank
11 Act that funded dams and irrigation projects in the West
12 Edge of unsettled region
13 Savior of California's Calavaras Big Trees
16 System for channeling water to crops
17 Focus of Pinchot's conservation efforts 


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