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Tobacco South Panoramas 

    Maryland's first settlement was founded in 1634 when two ships sailed up the Potomac River. The colonists lived in a village being abandoned by Yaocomaco Indians before founding St. Mary's City and creating tobacco plantations, homes, and gardens. By the nineteenth century tobacco grown in the North Carolina Piedmont made the fortune of the Duke family of Durham. The panoramas show the crops, fields, and life in reconstructed working museums in the Tobacco South.

    As you scroll through the panoramas and the linked images, make a list of those features that contributed to the success of settlers in the Tobacco South. What obstacles did they encounter? What values underlay the growth of tobacco plantations and the tobacco industry? Use the quotations to assist you in your interpretation.

Quicktime VR 

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Plimoth Plantation panorama
Historic St. Mary's City: Indian Village, 1634

Wampanoag Village panorama

Historic St. Mary's City: Tobacco Plantation, 1660

Historic St. Mary's City, Tobacco Plantation: Homestead Interior, 1660

Duke Homestead, Durham, N.C., 1865

Credits: Photographs by Carolyn Merchant; panorama assembly and web page by Rob Weinberg.