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Tobacco South

1 Wealthy 17th century tobacco planter
5 Indian town painted by John White
6 Animal waste used for soil fertility
7 Fertilizer used to restored worn-out soils
11 "Lost Colony"
12 Crop grown in colonial Virginia
14 Eastern mountain range
17 African American almanac maker
19 An estate for growing cultivated crops
22 Governor of Jamestown (2 wds)
2 Coastal lands affected by tides
3 Plateau above coastal plain
4 Indian who saved John Smith
8 River flowing into Chesapeake Bay
9 Barrel for storing tobacco
10 President who was agricultural improver
13 Described Virginia as a garden
15 Plant that restores nitrogen to soil
16 Bay bordered by Virginia and Maryland
18 Former slave who wrote "The Interesting Narrative"
20 Rich, dark, fertile soil
21 Crop planted after tobacco failed


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