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Urban Panorama

Cities both modify and depend on the natural environment. Perhaps nowhere are these relationships so vivid as in southern California where the panorama below was taken. Los Angeles’ Mulholland Drive, named after its early twentieth century water engineer, divides downtown Los Angeles from the sprawling San Fernando Valley to the north. As you view the panorama list the ways in which the city and the ecosphere interact. Use the linked quotations to assist you in your interpretation.

Quicktime VR 

In order to view this panorama, you need to have Quicktime 3.0 or greater installed on your PC or Macintosh. You can download it here if you do not yet have it.

Click and immediately use your mouse to pan across or tilt the image. To zoom in, hold down the shift key; to zoom out, hold down the control key.

 Credits: Photographs by Carolyn Merchant; panorama assembly and web page by Rob Weinberg.