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Urban Pollution and Reform

3 Disease of the lungs 
4 Officials who monitored pollution violations 
5 Metaphor for the unhealthy city 
9 Woman who founded Hull House 
10 Movement to clean up cities 
13 Increase in size 
15 Women who pressed for sanitation reform (2 wds) 
18 Disease from polluted water 
20 Urban green area with trees 
21 Major air pollutant 
22 Movement to correct bad social and physical conditions
1 Designers of abatement equipment 
2 Source of soot 
6 Clanking, clattering, and screeching 
7 Form of urban transit 
8 Animal and vegetable refuse 
11 Author of The Turmoil 
12 Urban housing for poor 
14 An accumulation of money 
15 Pollutant from horses 
16 Author of The Jungle 
17 Agent that spreads disease 
19 Plants affected by smoke pollution 


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