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Wilderness Preservation

1 Untamed 
5 Advocate for Sierra wilderness 
8 Indian to whom Earth was a home (2 wds) 
11 To save for future generations 
13 Organization that promoted hiking in the Sierras (2 wds) 
14 Woman who opposed use of bird feathers on women's hats 
15 National Park created in 1872 
17 Geologist who advocated survey of Yellowstone 
19 Proposed water source for San Francisco (2 wds) 
21 Painter of western scenes 
22 Place where scenery is preserved (2 wds)
2 People who lived on lands that became parks 
3 Designer of Central Park 
4 Promoters of western tourism 
6 Advocate for damming Hetch Hetchy 
7 Decorations for women's hats 
9 National Park in California 
10 Place where nature remains wild 
12 Giant trees found in California 
16 Act permitting San Francisco to dam Hetch Hetchy 
18 Woman nature writer who appreciated the desert 
20 Painter of Indians who advocated national park 
21 Woman who explored Estes Park 


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