Discussion Questions

1.  What is wild? What is a wilderness? How has the concept of wilderness changed over the course of American history? How did American Indians view wilderness? Is the concept of wilderness ethnocentric?

2.  In what ways and for what reasons are deserts remarkable? Should deserts be preserved? Why or why not?

3.  Compare and contrast the views of John Muir and Edward Abbey on the national parks.

4.  What are some of the values of wilderness according to Roderick Nash? What social groups were excluded from the wilderness experience at the turn of the century? Has this availability changed? In what ways?

5.  What methods were used to remove Indians from lands that became national parks?  Should these lands be returned to Indians?  Should Indians be co-managers of park lands?  Co-interpeters?

6.  What according to William Cronon is the "trouble with wilderness"?  How can the problems Cronon raises be resolved?