Water, Energy, and Population


Discussion Questions

1. What rationale does Franklin D. Roosevelt give for the construction of Boulder (now called Hoover) Dam? What problems do environmentalists see today with the construction of big dams? Should Hoover Dam, TVA, and other dams have been built?

2. What are the new and significant aspects of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969? What was the effect of the passage of the act?  What conflicts have arisen with respect to the implementation of environmental regulation?

3.  What is environmental risk assessment?  What are some current methods of dealing with environmental risks.  Do we live in a risk society and must we accept it?

4. What are the major sources and uses of water in the twentieth century United States?  What issues have arisen with respect to Native American water rights?  What methods exist for water conservation and redistribution?  In your opinion are they sufficient to provide adquate water for public needs in future years?

5. Trace the historical development of energy systems since Native American times.  What are some of the major uses of energy in the twentieth century?  Are our present energy needs the end result of individual choices made over time?  Defend your answer.

6.  What issues arise concerning population growth for the environment?  In what specific ways does population growth affect water and energy needs?  What methods are there for slowing population growth?  What of these methods do you find acceptable?