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Nutrition And Dietetics Links

Children's Nutrition Research Center - CNRC's Web Site
International Food Information Council
Rowett Research Institute - integrated research in basic biological sciences relating to nutrition.
University of Missouri Extension information
USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center.
Texas Agricultural Extension Service Human Nutrition Information Files searchable database
University of Washington, School of Public Health Nutrition on The Internet
American Dietetic Association
Dietetics Online - dietetics professionals - separate from the American Dietetic Association.
Ask the Dietitian(tm), Joanne Larsen, MS RD LD- information on various topics
The BLONZ Guide to Nutrition - food science and related links
Exercise physiology website in Norway by Stephen Seiler
Professor Geoff Skurray's Food & Nutrition Information
Diet, exercise and fitness cartoons by Randy Glasbergen
BytingIn Newsletter-MetaMedia newsletter and other publications for food and nutrition professionals
International No Diet Day 1996
Dole 5 A Day - promotes 5-A-Day for Better Health Campaign
FNSPEC archived messages from fnspec_mg email group
NutriGenie nutrition software
Guide to Nutrition Resources on the Internet
Iron deficiency clinical guides: adults and children
Nutrition Secrets
Well-Being Secrets
Staying Healthy at Work

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