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Lesson 2: Food Guide Pyramid & Traditional Foods- Page 5
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Lesson 2
Lesson 2




Milk, yogurt, and dairy group & meat, fish, poultry, egg, and bean group.

These foods are rich sources of protein, calcium, vitamins and other
nutrients. Calcium is important to protect against osteoporosis. If you have difficulty digesting milk, you can choose foods such as yogurt, Lactaid or Acidophilus milk, tofu or soymilk fortified with calcium, or sardines.
All these foods are good sources of calcium.

It’s important to know that animal foods meats tend to be higher in fat and cholesterol. Eating too much fat and cholesterol and can lead to heart disease and may increase cancer risk. It’s a good idea to limit your intake of meats
and high fat cheeses and milk and choose low-fat milk.

Fats, oils, sweets and salts

The top of the pyramid contains the “fats, oils, sweets and salty”foods which are “extras” in our diet, such as oils for cooking, butter, cream, soft drinks, fish and shrimp paste and sauce. They should not be consumed daily because they are added calories, but often lacking in nutrients. Also, notice that fats and oils and sugar are found in foods we eat and cook so we don’t need to add more into our diet.