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Lesson 2: Food Guide Pyramid & Traditional Foods- Page 6
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Lesson 2
Lesson 2




How much is enough?

When looking at the pyramid, notice that next to each group are the number of servings recommended each day. At first glance, it seems difficult to meet these recommendations because it’s too much food.

In reality, it’s not as difficult when you learn about the serving sizes of foods.

Let’s get started. Listed below are samples of “ONE serving” of food from the different groups.

Bread, cereal, rice and bun(rice noodle) serving
·        1/2 bowl cooked rice, bun, banh pho
·        1 slice of bread ( size of a cassette tape)
·        1oz. or 28 gram of cereal ( about a handful)

Vegetable serving
·        1 bowl* raw leafy vegetable (rau song)
·        1/2 bowl of cooked vegetable
·        1 medium potato or yam (size of a fist)
·        1 bowl of vegetable broth or soup (not including vegetable)

Fruit serving

·        1 medium apple, orange, pear, peach (size of a tennis ball)
·        3/4 glass fruit juice
·        1 cup canned fruit or 12 grapes

Milk, yogurt, cheese serving
·        1 cup of milk or yogurt (8oz)
·        2 oz or 56 gram of cheese (size of a battery)

Meat, poultry, fish, legume, egg serving
·        3 oz or 56-84 gram of cooked lean meat, poultry or fish
(size of a deck of card)
·        1/2 cup cooked bean or peas

* Bowl denotes Vietnamese rice bowl = 1 cup