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Lesson 2: Food Guide Pyramid & Traditional Foods- Page 7
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Lesson 2
Lesson 2




If your diet does not have enough plant based foods, it’s not too late get started !

Here are some ideas for you to try:

Start off the morning with energy: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day where you need to get enough energy to start off your day. It is a good idea to choose some foods such as “sweet” rice, porridge, fried rice, pork bun, glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves, bread with pork loaf, and drink soymilk or fruit juice.
Keep going at lunch: We can enjoy rice and soup, vermicelli bowl , pho, noodles, tomato crab soup with noodles. These dishes contain plenty fresh vegetables and herbs that are filling and delicious. If you have to go to work, you can bring some stir-fried vegetable and rice, glutinous rice, or make sandwich with pork loaf, tomato or daikon and carrots in vinegar and have fruit for dessert.
Go further with Dinner: Make plant foods the focus of your evening meals. Steam rice with stir-fried vegetable or vegetable soup, tofu, boiled vegetable, steam fish. Tofu has additional protein that you may need for the day. When preparing stir-fried vegetables or vegetable soup use small amounts of fish or chicken.
Make snacks count: Most Vietnamese already eat a lot of fruits as snacks. It’s a good idea to continue this healthy habit. You can also include yam, sweet potato, yucca, or hicama as a snack. Limit intake of deep fried snacks such as deep fried bananas, and eat less pudding with coconut milk since it is high in fat and sugar. If you want to enjoy high fat dishes such as meat and vegetable crepe, deep-fried shrimp and batter don’t forget to eat with plenty of fresh lettuce, cucumber and bean sprouts.

The traditional Vietnamese diet fits well into the Food Guide Pyramid guidelines.