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Lesson 4: Fruit & Vegetable - Page 6
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Lesson 4
Lesson 4




Aside from antioxidants, fruits and vegetables also contain natural compounds called phytochemicals. These compounds appear to protect against cancer in a variety of way such as delaying growth of cancer cells.

Many Vietnamese eat soybeans, which is an excellent source of protein and a good alternative to meat. Soybeans contain phytochemicals. It is a good idea to continue to include soybeans and soy products such as tofu and soymilk in your diet.

Consuming a plant based diet plentiful in fruits and vegetables, beans and grains is beneficial in reducing your risk of cancer. Some soy products are good sources of calcium, which is protective against osteoporosis. Check the nutrition facts label for the calcium content.

Fiber is found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. Fiber is beneficial in promoting healthy bowel movement, and protective against some bowel related diseases. Fiber binds to cholesterol, thereby reducing your risk of heart disease. Fiber is the roughage found in plant foods such as:


Pulp of fruits such as
orange, tangerines,
Peel of fruits & vegetables
such as apple, pear, tomato
and covering of mung beans,
white beans or black-eye bean

Leaves, stalks, and
stems of vegetables